How Business Freedom Enablers Help You Go The Xtra Mile

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Think of all the extra things you could do if you didn’t have to do mediocre and mundane tasks…

While you’re waiting for your name to be called at the doctors you’re probably daydreaming about playing your favourite sport or making your favourite creative thing, whether that be baking, drawing or writing that novel you’re working on.

While you’re in the bus queue you might be wishing you were meeting a friend for a catch up over coffee.

While you’re driving you might be thinking about how you’d rather be seeing your children in their school play or be on a date with your partner.

Business wise, you might be wishing you spent more time chasing new business rather than manually sending out emails and frantically remembering to chase leads up.

You might longingly imagine spending creative time brain storming your next exciting marketing campaign or developing your product or service instead of slowly keying information into your business’ system by hand.

You may secretly picture speaking at more business conferences and running more workshops or seminars rather than having to be tied to your office and keeping an eye on your team…just in case. 

extra mile, business freedom, CRM, business improvements,
Meet a friend for coffee or work in a cafe, the choice is yours with business enablers!

These are all things we would rather be doing instead of routine necessities. Unfortunately, we can’t control if doctors appointments or buses run on time and we wouldn’t recommend doing much else while driving (except perhaps singing tone-deaf at the top of your voice to your favourite song, but that’s just us!) But the good news is that there are savvy online tools, apps and systems available that can open up opportunities for you to do those extra things you crave.

Both the Workflow element of the CRM Zoho and the ONTRAMail part of a system called ONTRAPORT contain automated marketing in the form of ‘drip (email) campaigns’, yet still keep emails to interested people (leads) personal. Zoho’s ‘Activities’ section also allows you to set yourself follow up tasks and reminders with push notifications so you don’t forget to develop your relationships with clients and prospects.

Several online systems know how to ‘talk to one another’. They can sync because they’re smart like that! We call these integrated systems. Zoho Card Scanner App seamlessly populates your CRM system with the details of any new business contacts you make if you manage to get to a valuable networking event– saving your buckets of time keying in the details into your system later on!

Zoho Connect enables you to touch base with your team anytime so, provided you have a knowledgeable and skilled team that you trust, you can be comfortable with working remotely and that’s true Business Freedom: your business running smoothly while you’re not there!

And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Business Freedom. Synonyms for the word ‘Extra’ produce terms like ‘additional,’ ‘spare’ and ‘more’. The right tailored online systems and

digital nomad, remote working, working from anywhere, business freedom, extra mile, CRM
Mel’s hotel office when she’s being a Digital Nomad!

tools free your time up so you can do more, achieve more and be more. You have more chances of meeting face-to-face with clients which could generate opportunities to grow your business for example.

Our Account Manager, Mel chose to see the world while she worked and opted for a ‘Digital Nomad’ lifestyle, which you can read more about here. The flexible lifestyle has added benefits of being able to take an afternoon off to catch a movie without worrying about holiday quotas and doing your weekly shop in an empty supermarket. Being a Digital Nomad also means Mel can fit her work around her life not the other way round- she’s even planning on seeing the Women’s World Cup in the Netherlands this July (we told you she’s never in one place for too long!)

How do the online systems and technology you use for your business enable you do enjoy more opportunities and freedom?  Where will your Xtra mile take you and your business? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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