From Filofax to Freedom Pt2 – Crystallising Vision

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from our scoping session, I suspected it would be practical stuff like how many contacts, categories, a discussion about other tools I might want like invoicing etc.mccreesh2015-18

It was nothing like that!

Paula asked me questions about my business that I hadn’t considered for a while, stuff like where my business going, what it looked like in the next 5 years, who I was working with and importantly why and what was most important to me.

She grilled me (nicely!) about each type of client and connection, how I interact with them, where we connect, what we do.

All the while she was scribbling flowcharts and such like for her own purpose, I was looking at them thinking, wow my business is chaotic!


And that is exactly the point.


Somehow through the describing, the reflection and the challenging questions I got a crystal clear view of where my business is, and it is chaotic, I have no idea how I am controlling it (big clue: I’m not!).

Paula, teased everything out of me, ideas for my future that I didn’t even know I had, do you know that game “would you rather?” it felt like I had gone through that process intensively. Like a one-woman mastermind! Well two, because I was there too!

12191727_10153475789997949_6364083885604481811_nI scribbled down a work stream strategy for my business, not quite fag packet, more like Filofax notes page and realised this was the first time I had caught a breath since starting my business to reflect on the different streams of income I had and how I might like those to look in the future. This was not about creating a client database, this was client strategy.

Whilst this was incredible for me I have to admit I had absolutely no idea how this was relevant to my CRM, but Paula assured me it was very useful for her. I’m sure that this will prove right as we go on our journey together.

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