The Ultimate Business Freedom: The Power to Work Anywhere, Anytime

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What does freedom mean to you? Perhaps it’s escaping on an exotic holiday, a travelling adventure or being able to sleep in or socialise with friends during a ‘working’ weekday? Not being tied to the office or a strict work schedule might spring to mind? Maybe freedom means being able to be utterly spontaneous.

At the start of the summer I met two innovative businessmen at a networking conference who encompassed and embodied everything that business freedom is. The interesting discussions I enjoyed with these forward-thinking individuals made me realise how they both bent technology to their will, so to speak, in their own ways.  Geniusly, both entrepreneurs had a grip on technology at its best. Not only had they achieved a work/life balance, they had a system in place tailored to their needs so they could enjoy life however and whenever they wanted.

One of the entrepreneurs really revelled in pure business freedom. He has many businesses and systems and teams managing all of these enterprises on his behalf.  Now he spends most of his time working -and relaxing- on his sailing boat thanks to using effective systems so he can operate his business remotely. The fact that he gave me the card of one of his employees instead of his own illustrated this business freedom perfectly.  After all… what would’ve been the point in him giving his card out? He doesn’t want to be stuck, replying to emails when his team can do that for him!

The other businessman I caught up with was a friend of mine, Steve Clayton. Steve’s business, Data Bubble is similar to my company, Creative Analysis in the sense that I provide systems to manage business data and they sell lists of data for companies to market to.

Steve was a great example of working anywhere anytime because of great systems. He and his wife (and colleague) worked from sunny Spain last year in their motor home for four months. What may seem radical and impressive (and make us a little jealous!) was made easy by their use of a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, doing all of their business online and communicating with their clients remotely. This was an unplanned trip. All they did was buy satellite broadband and they really just ran their business from the motor home for four months. Simple.

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These don’t just have to be amazing daydreams.  It could happen to you!

We’re all guilty of overworking, whether it’s on weekends or in our spare time, living and breathing our business. This especially tends to be true for those of us that have set up our own business- it becomes our passion and focus.

But if you could make your life easier without spoiling the quality of your business’s services would you? Of course you would! I certainly would, and did! I use a customised CRM system to make my work more streamlined and to allow me to work from anywhere, anytime I want. We have the technology so why be a slave to the office?!

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