Handwritten Mail: Does your audience get the message?

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Dear Business Owner,

As a business owner, like me, you would’ve had to have spent money to make money at some point. This includes investing in different marketing methods, to attract customers to balance your books. Marketing is all about communicating your business message- but how do you decide what the best way to communicate with your target audience is?

There’s often a stereotype that older people prefer tradition, whilst young people have an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mentality, being hungry for new gadgets and tech. 

Here at Creative Analysis we believe in technology that’s good. We love technology and systems that make business owners location independent and able to enjoy business freedom. But we also believe in balance.


balance, marketing, communication, handwritten letter, email
Balanced: In a solid marketing campaign, different communication methods work hand-in-hand.


Communication wise, I know many people that really enjoy the act of handwriting, or have a better chance of remembering things when they write them down! I also know lots of people who hated writing at school but love being able to use spellcheck, quickly draft messages on the go on their phones, easily deleting mistakes. 

When it comes to promoting and getting your business message across to the right people, striking a balance between using technology and handwritten letters to communicate can be the secret to a solid and successful marketing campaign. 

Data cleansing specialists, W8data, understand how handwritten letters, email and similar social media marketing all have their bonuses and drawbacks. They understand that mail shots can reach more people and be more interactive and engaging, being jazzed up with links and videos. Yet they know email marketing can be expensive, with companies having to invest in an email platform, even with the danger of their well thought out- and creative email being marked as spam. 


email marketing, email, marketing, technology, communication
Interactive: Engaging emails reach lots of people but can be costly.


They also understand that successful social media marketing  depends on a business having a strong online presence and following to be effective.

Where direct mail is concerned, they note how “Industry research suggests that 70% of people targeted by direct mail welcome it as they feel it gives them useful, reliable and extremely accessible information.” 



handwritten letter, direct mail, handwriting, marketing, communication
Personal touch: Making customers feel valued is important, and direct mail does just that.


W8data also highlight how, in  “multi-channel marketing” all these different forms of communication old and new, can be beneficial. It comes back to balance. Some methods will suit your business better than others, but by using a healthy selection, you’ll get your message across effectively, the way you want…


your database of contacts- both for emailing and writing handwritten letters to- are organised, categorized and relevant to the people you’re trying to target.

We can help you put systems in place to manage your contacts, leads and other important information.  Zoho Mail Merge, which saves you time by simplifying tedious activities to create personalised documents, using templates and automation, is just one of these brilliant systems we’d love to share with business owners like you. We can get you geared up to communicate your message!


Look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

Paula 🙂

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