How Systems Can Make You Money

Do you want to make money while you sleep?

Money while sleepMake your business perform for you.

I recently attended IGNITE, an event to inspire women in business to achieve their vision.

There were many great speakers, such as Loral Langemeier, Laura Doyle, Abi Griffiths, Katharine Dever and Bernedette Doyle.

A common theme throughout all the presentations was to make sure your business performs for you at all times of the day. To do this you need to make sure you have appropriate systems in place for your business. These will help you to make money as you sleep.

An interesting question was posed during a presentation on processes and systems that I would like to share with you.

Empty walletDo you have a job or a business? 

What are your initial reactions to this?

Many people at the event didn’t know the different between the two.

To clarify, you have a job if when you stop working, the money stops coming in.

A business brings in money at all times of the day, allowing for time away from the day to day running, if you so wish.

So how DO you make money whilst you are sat on a beach somewhere tropical?

The key is…..


Tropical Beach

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Have YOU got the systems in place to automatically get leads coming in to you?

2. Do you have a system in place to deal with all the daily communications to potential clients?

3. Are your processes automated and shipping of your products dealt with?

PurchaseSystems don’t take days off.

They are there to make your life a whole lot easier, if you know how to use them.

Did you know that 81% of purchases are made after 5 or more contacts by a business?

85% of businesses stop contacting a lead after one or two contacts. Doing so means they miss out on great opportunities and income.

Do you keep a track of the number of times you contact a lead before they purchase from you?

Today’s busy society and lifestyle means we have to follow up even more to keep our prospective clients attention.

At what point does your business stop contacting a lead?

Residual IncomeTake a look at your business now.

Do you have systems in place that allow you to step off the gas and still enable sales to come in?

If not, it is time to start thinking about this.

If you want to make money while you sleep, this is ESSENTIAL!

Not sure where to start?

Book in for the Scope and Discover session with Creative Analysis today.

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