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Networking fun: Me with friend and Creative Analysis colleague Digital Strategist, Michelle Veasley.


The beauty of having all our business’ data stored and categorized into a reliable and organised system or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform isn’t just that it helps us keep track of contacts’ details…or that it seamlessly integrates with other systems…or that it minimizes our chances of missing valuable opportunities to grow our business.

The true beauty of a tailored and dependable CRM means we can be Location Independent. If you’ve read any of our previous blog posts you’ll know that we’re big (ok huge!) fans of being able to work from anywhere. 

Our CRM system meant we were free to leave the office and have an outside presence in the local business community. Most recently this freedom translated to us getting to enjoy the HD8 Business Show.

At the event we had a promotional stand, networked, presented a workshop. We shared our insight on how businesses of all shapes and sizes could use online tech and tools to communicate effectively with their team from different locations, work remotely, paving the way for business owners to be able to delegate and focus on leading their business.

But the event was so much more than an easy day out ‘mingling’…


The HD8 Business Show very aim is “Connecting your business and making it flourish.” Meanwhile, The HD8 Network, the organisation responsible to the event, and its founder, Merewyn Sayers has the sole goal to promote and connect Huddersfield businesses.

HD8 do this cleverly through an effective fusion of online networking channels, such as social media, directories and community pages, and the real-life networking arena of events, workshops and conferences.

We covered the many advantages of networking in last month’s blog post ,(let us know if you think of any other benefits that have helped you!) but the Business Show’s slogan hits the nail on the head perfectly. Without connecting meaningfully with people your business can’t thrive.

Taking time out to go to networking events and business shows is a big deal and needs to be worthwhile. For us, we don’t measure success with how many clients we sign up to our service by the end of the networking day. This is because we never attend business social events and talks with the goal of scoring sales in mind.

So why do we go?


We go for more of a learning experience. Research doesn’t just have to be online polls and getting lost down the Google rabbit hole.


  • By networking, we learn who other like-minded people and businesses are and they, in turn, learn who we are and what we do by us having a presence beyond email and social media, a presence outside the confines of our office.
  • By having meaningful conversations, being prepared to really listen to people, we learn how to build and develop mutually beneficial relationships with people and learn of possible opportunities to collaborate with certain businesses.
  • By attending business gatherings, we get treated to the chance of meeting new people who we learn to follow up logging their details in our CRM under ‘potentials’, ‘leads‘ or the appropriate category.
  • By really taking on board with what others say and mixing with business owners from all sorts of professional and personal walks of life, we learn what people’s interests, problems and needs are and if our product and service aligns with those requirements. If not, we can adjust our service lines accordingly later down the line.


Each individual on my team is a ‘people’s person.’ Since my business is my team I’d say Creative Analysis is a People’s Business and that’s why we enjoyed chatting and exchanging knowledge so much at The HD8 Business Show.

After all, what’s the point of any business if not for people- and building and nurturing long lasting relationships with those interested people?

Did you go to The HD8 Business Show or have your been to a similar event? Why do you go? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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