Vision: What’s Your Business Destination?

business vision, vision, CRM, goals, systems
What do you envision your business destination to be?


Sometimes the best things that happen to us are spontaneous. Bumping into an old friend can bring more laughs than an obligatory scheduled meeting with an acquaintance. A surprise out of the blue from a loved one can be more touching than a planned birthday surprise. Stumbling upon an advert for a local networking event on social media can result in better business relationships than your organised direct sales strategy. But when it comes to our businesses, it’s best not to leave things to chance. When it comes to important things you need a plan.

Last year saw us begin our A-Z of CRMs blog post series. Our aim was to explain what a CRM was, how they could help you achieve your goals, integrate with other systems and keep you organised, plus a whole host of other ways they could benefit your business. Our goal in 2017 is to build on this and give you insight and tips on how you and your business can become location independent and you can enjoy business freedom, by working remotely, among other things.

Google Maps won’t get you to where you need to be unless you programme in a destination. Likewise, your business won’t be successful without you defining what success means to you and then narrowing it down. You can’t be successful at everything, so what specifically do you want to get out of your business in 2017 and in general? Without a plan we’re directionless, we flounder and procrastinate, we get distracted and demotivated. Without a plan there’s nothing to hold us accountable to and to be honest, we’re pretty hopeless.


vision, business vision, goals, CRM, systems
Directionless: Without a business vision we’re more prone to procrastination, distraction and demotivation.


Like Google Maps your CRM won’t help you get your business and team to where you envision without you having specific goals in mind. Perhaps you want to automate some of your everyday business practices or be more efficient at work? Maybe you want to be confident that your business can run smoothly while you’re away from the office or you wish to see more of a structured and reliable organisation of your business contacts and data?

Whatever your business vision, there’s no doubt a CRM can help you along your journey to achieving it. But not just any CRM will do the trick. That’s why, once we’ve worked with clients to tease out a specific business vision from them, we collaborate with them and use our knowledge of CRMs and systems to scope out a platform that aligns with their business vision and supports them in their bid to achieve their business goals.

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If you have a business vision in mind why not get in touch with us to see if we can equip you with a tailored system that can help you make it a reality?

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