It’s magic… business cards turn into cash!

Have you ever wondered why you’ve got a huge pile of business cards on your desk, in your drawer or in folders but you don’t have enough sales? Business Cards 2

You’re not the only one – it’s seems to be standard amongst most micro business owners.

We are all so busy networking and working in our businesses that we just end up adding to the pile every day.

Most of us are out networking and meeting new people every week so all of the new leads aren’t being nurtured into sales and customers.

Well help is at hand…

There are simple things that you can implement to make your life easier.

Here are my top tips to make those business cards work hard for your business:

  1. Rate your contacts. Start using this very very simple process every time you get a new handful of business cards.

Rate each card: HOT, WARM or COOL.

HOT = a strong lead, someone that expressed genuine interest in your services in the initial conversation.

WARM = a lead, someone that showed vague interest in your services in the initial conversation.

COOL = a contact, someone that isn’t immediately interested in your services but you would like to store their contact details for future reference.

  1. Design your business process for those 3 categories:
    1. HOT – immediate action, send email, give them a call, provide them with your ‘free gift’ or book a meeting.
    1. WARM – immediate contact, schedule a call-back or follow-up email in a few days or a week. Immediately thank them for their time.
    1. COOL – thank them for their time.
    2. Continue the cycle – follow-up again and again until your ‘Leads (interested in buying)’ become ‘Prospects (ready to buy)’ and then become Customers.
  1. Stick to your process!
  1. Get your hands on a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management). This will schedule all of the activity for you, keep everything in one place and enable you to get on with your day job.

Cash (acknowledge)

Why would I do that?

To save time, close more deals and generate more sales.

Start turning those cards into cash!

That’s why you are networking and that’s where you will see the return on your networking investment (even if that is only your time).

Want to know more about this?

Come and listen to my talk at Social Sharing Network on the 8th November in Holmfirth. Click here for more information: Event Link


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