Do you have a CRM New Years Resolution?

Do you have a New Years resolution?

Is it to organise your network of contacts?ID-100224555

If your current CRM system doesn’t work as hard as an ant, now is the perfect time to sort it out!

Why not dive into that huge pile of business cards or that ever growing spreadsheet while you feel fresh?

That’s exactly what I’ve done over the Christmas holiday!

I spent my time organising, cleansing, labelling, tagging and having a really good clear out of information that is either outdated or not useful.

There’s no point in keeping data that is just ‘hanging around’. Contact data is only useful if it is up to date, in the right place and connected to the right groups, ready for you to send targeted communications.

My CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is structured. It has categories. I know where all of my key information is and I am ready to start my 2014 campaigns with everything exactly where I want it.

I use Zoho CRM for my business and I recommend it to lots of my clients. Zoho is the most affordable CRM system on the market for small businesses that covers everything from enterprise email, to automation, to email campaigns. Zoho also offer full integration with other business tools such as accounts, events and project management.

Do you have a CRM system? Is it structured? Does it have categories? Could you run an effective and effortless email campaign right now with the information you have?

My Top Tip for the New Year:

  • Get a good business system in place and organise your contact data into a structure that will work for you.

These two things will give you a powerful tool (or Power Station, as I like to call it) to drive your business forwards.

Just think. If you get everything in order now, you could send targeted campaigns and you can follow-up on all of your new leads this year. Think of the extra business you would get if you took action on every new lead that you get!

A good, well organised CRM system will save you time every day, guaranteed. It’s so much easier to find information quickly, right when you need it. No more searching around in files and folders; it puts everything in one place inside a highly secure database. All you have to do to find key information is use the search tool or one of the custom ‘views’, which are easy to set up.

What are you waiting for?

You could be sat on a gold mine of opportunities in those spreadsheets and boxes of business cards…

Want to kick start your New Year with the right tools?

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