Make your Business SHINE!

Are you stuck in the detail of your business? 

Application Icons (acknowledge FreeDigi)Would you like to learn top tools and tricks to shift from working IN your business to ON your business?

Let me show you 6 key aspects that I focus and introduce you to the attitude that is needed for success.

Just to be clear from the outset, I’m in business to build a lifestyle for myself. That is my primary aim and one I share with many others all around the world.

So how do you create this business that will allow you to build a lifestyle for yourself? Is it even possible?

Of course it is!

Here are the 6 key aspects you need to look at to really make your business SHINE.

1. Fit your service or product to the need
Listen to your customers and identify their needs and wants. Make sure you deliver a service that is wanted by your customers, not a service that you want to deliver.

2. Get your key systems in place
There are key systems you need to put in place within your business to ensure you are working ON your business. These are known as the Core 4.

  • Content Management System or CMS
  • Customer Relationship Manager or CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • E-commerce & accounts (merchant)

Get the Core 4 in place as a matter of urgency. This will take you out of the business day to day running and enable you to concentrate on building the business!

3. Develop key processes around those systems
Once you have the systems in place, make sure they are set up to go. Then you can focus on developing key processes around them.

Make sure you have a Sales Funnel and you know what you are selling. Sounds obvious but many businesses neglect this.

Decide how you will classify the contacts you meet. When will they be classified as Hot, when will they be classified as Warm and when are they Cool? Make sure all your team knows this information.

What is your process for following up with these contacts?

4. Automate & increase your volume of leads
The best systems will automate your processes for you. For example, they will send out automatic responses to new leads & clients, they will send out scheduled email campaigns, generate quotes and will say thank you for business and payments. Get these set up from the outset and scheduled in to send. This will free up lots of time for you to work on meeting new people and growing your business.

To increase your volume of leads:

  • Invest in advertising – Google and Facebook are the biggest players at the moment
  • Create products for your business to take you away from being service led
  • Invest in our new product, Social Feeder; a service that will turn your social media contacts into leads.

5. Team

“Teams are time, teams are energy, teams are attitude.” Loral Langemeier.

Every business needs support, expertise and positive energy all around them.

It’s not about paying for every bit of support. It’s about looking around you and seeing how you can be resourceful with the people in your environment and beyond.

What do you spend most of your days doing? Is this taking you into the detail of the business? If it is, who do you need to bring onto your team to do this for you?

Identify what you need and find the suitable people to take these on as soon as you can.

6. Positive Attitude and invest in You Inc.

It is essential to adopt a positive attitude and to invest time in you. You will need to grow and develop at the same rate as your business.

Thinking positive thoughts will bring more positivity into your life and your business.

Adopting a positive attitude and having a ‘can do’ and solution focused approach to work will really change the way you do business. You will notice more people want to work with you, you are offered new opportunities every day and your relationships will improve dramatically.

Here are 3 books that made a massive difference to my personal and business growth. I highly recommend you give them a read.

  • The Millionaire Maker by Loral Langemeier
  • Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley
  • The Leader who had no Title by Robin Sharma

Ready to Make Your Business SHINE?

Start making your business SHINE today. You will see the benefits as soon as you have the 6 key aspects in place!

Don’t have the time or energy or maybe you prefer to outsource bits of it, then give us a call. We would be happy to help. 

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