Multitasking: How to Juggle Tasks Without Realising It

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How many things can you do at once? When was the last time you multitasked? I bet you can do a fair few activities at once and have multitasked at least once today.

With the advent of the internet, technology and an acceptance of 24/7 working hours, as well as the expectation that we all should socialise, exercise, have hobbies, families, keep a good home, etc we’re all accustomed to multitasking.

Why do we do it though, as surely juggling lots of activities at once is more stressful?

We do it because we want to be more efficient, and multitasking makes us think that we’re getting things done faster- leaving more time for the fun stuff, whether that be our hobbies, socializing or, in business, freeing up time to focus on our actual business or our passion and the creative element of our company.

As business owners of small businesses in particular, there’s a big expectation or even pressing need for the business owner to multitask as they need to ensure every aspect of their business is running smoothly. If they outsource their marketing, IT, and accounting they need to check that the people they are trusting to do these tasks are doing them right and follow them up for reports. If they own a smaller business who are unable to afford to outsource, they need to pitch in and do all these tasks themselves.

Any business is also likely to have lots of projects for various clients ongoing and open so they too will need to be managed simultaneously.

But does multitasking make you more productive?

Happiness coach Nancie Vito reckons multitasking is actually counterproductive. Writing for The Huffington Post she says: “Our brains are not designed for multitasking. We cannot do more than one task at a time. Instead of multi-tasking, we are task switching.”

Everyone has different concentration threshold and abilities but generally multitasking makes it harder to focus, then refocus and only gives the illusion of efficiency. Most importantly, if each task is only receiving a fraction of our attention we can’t possibly be putting 100% effort in and performing our best at each activity.


multitasking, busy, productive, efficient, CRM, system
The answer: The right system can help us bring balance by multitasking doing automated tasks in the background whilst we focus on one big task at a time.

So how do we get round the modern expectation of being ‘busy’ and productive whilst, at the same time, avoiding suffering the drawbacks of multitasking?

We get smart with technology, that’s how! We’ve always been big fans of using technology that works here at Creative Analysis. That’s why investing in a good system that works for your business can get certain tasks automated and running seamlessly in the background whilst you concentrate on one big task at once.

A good CRM system can keep all your business contacts and potential customers, along with their details, ordered and categorized all the time, rather than it being a big organisational task that builds up.

Zoho’s Card Scanner App allows you to accurately upload contact’s details to your CRM system whilst you’re out and about networking.

Zoho Connect lets you keep in the loop and in touch with your team with project developments in real-time whilst you’re on the train to meet a client.

Email campaigns can be scheduled to go out during the day whilst you’re working on your marketing.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

With the right system in place, you could become an productive multitasker without even noticing it!

How many tasks can your automate and do at once using an efficient and effective system?

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