Smarketing: Sales Meet Marketing, Marketing Meet Sales

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Perfect Fit: Sales and Marketing teams should now becoming ‘Smarketing’ Teams to successfully build relationships with potential customers.


How well does your company’s team gel? Take a moment to reflect on that question. If you think they get along fairly well, what about your wider team, beyond the immediate department you work in? Do they enjoy as smooth a relationship? If so, why not, do you reckon? Is it because they have different ways of doing things, different goals, different purposes?

Companies where departments are segregated are missing a huge trick since all departments represent and unite behind one company, name, logo and aim meaning they are one team! They’re on the same side!

This ‘same team’ ethos couldn’t be more easily applied to that of sales and marketing departments. After all, “there’s too much competition happening in the marketplace for there to be competition within your business,” says Charles McKay, CEO of B2B digital marketing agency, SYNX in his guest blog for


What’s the secret to good sales and marketing? Work together!


Gone are the days where the two departments were pitted against each other to smash sales targets amidst an atmosphere of intense competition; marketing responsible for promoting the company and raising awareness and sales in control of ‘sealing the deal’ and getting customers signed up.

Nowadays companies rely on their sales and marketing teams to get creative with their sales, put their heads together and share resources and ideas to nudge customers along their journey with their final destination being to sign as a regular paying client.

How? By enjoying a synergy of shared goals of attracting and keeping clients, as essentially the purpose of sales and marketing departments has always been the same: get as many clients on board to grow the business.

“Today business relationships are created with information first,” as Jay Baer, President of digital marketing strategic advisory company, Convince & Convert, writes in his article on how to make this synergy of sales and marketing a reality or make ‘Smarketing’-a neat term made popular by HubSpot– work.


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Best recipe for building a relationship with prospective clients? Engaging content to create conversation!


Your ‘Smarketing’ team needs to come together to create interesting, helpful and, if possible, unique, content to make your company stand out so it markets itself and entices a potential customer to begin their journey towards becoming your client. Blogs, social media, whitepapers, handy tips in email newsletters that sort of thing.

This information and content acts as an icebreaker and might start a conversation and dialogue between a prospective customer and you and your business. Instead of out-dated cold calling and archaic hard sales they have been replaced by engagement.

Targets are still an important element of sales, but instead, both sales and marketing teams share one ‘Smarketing’ team aim- to get that customer engaged enough to complete their journey.

To do this they share information on the different tools in their arsenal to streamline their processes of attracting customers, and use different platforms at their disposal to measure what methods of content creation and engagement are effective and which need ditching.


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One unit, one team: When ‘Smarketing’ teams share their ideas and tools they’re more likely to get potentials on their journey to becoming clients!


The ABCs of  ‘Smarketing’ Teams’ Success:


A) They have a brain storming sesh, in which they put themselves in their customer’s shoes and ‘map their journey’, in a similar way to what our client, Nigel Greenwood does at Simply Customer. This enables them to truly understand what it’s going to take to nudge the customer along their journey and build a meaningful relationship with them.

B) They employ tools like PandaDoc ,which helps you produce documents faster, easier and securely. PandaDoc allows you to track document opens, sending you handy detailed stats on how recipients interacted with it.

This nifty contract management is also a win-win, with the time-saving abilities of it’s smarter documents, to incorporate cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, and conveniently merging contract templates with CRM data, like integrating with your CRM contacts. This cuts the cost-per-contract and shortens the contract turnaround and confirmation times on payment forms and quotes-  so ‘Smarketing’ teams- can close deals faster!

C) They use CRMs like Zoho to log the various stages potential customers are at in their journey to assess what needs to be done to further engage and convince them.

In smaller businesses everyone is responsible for selling, though they might not know it or carry ‘sales’ in their job title. But no matter what size your business is, not having a ‘Smartketing’ team is worse than failing enjoy the ‘two heads are better than one’ benefit. It’s counterproductive.

So what are you waiting for? Rip those ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ labels of your team’s business cards and office doors and be smart: embrace ‘Smarketing!’


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