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Creative Analysis will help you optimise your CRM system to streamline your sales process & lead management using a fast and reliable cloud based CRM system suitable for the size of your business.

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Sarah Price

Go Well

“We had outgrown our systems; they were no longer fit for purpose. With a growing business, we decided to invest in a bespoke system. Now, we have more sales, our lead to sales ratio has increased and we have more time.”

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Trudi Roberts

Alliot Technologies

“We were already using Zoho CRM but we knew we were not using it to its full potential. We wanted to create a user-friendly system which enabled continuity and visibility on leads and order progress. Our team are using the system to its best advantage now!”

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Dee Farrell

Videopage Ltd.

“Zoho CRM gives us the control we needed. Automating emails, lead processing and scoring makes things so much easier!”

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Tilly Brooke


“It is rare that a supplier wants to put in any time upfront, before knowing they have secured the work. Creative Analysis put in lots of time and effort to get to know our business and our needs before we agreed to work together.”

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Kristy Lake

The Social Kinetic

“We wanted to deepen our human connection using technology – to enhance our existing relationships, where they had been impacted by Covid-19. We wanted a system that would streamline our processes and drive efficiency.”

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