Identifying Opportunities: Waving Goodbye to ‘What-Ifs’

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Do you know when we know we’ve missed a great opportunity? When it’s passed us by, with that pesky feeling of hindsight mischievously and knowingly grinning at us as we reflect on the ‘If Onlys and ‘What Ifs’.

What if we had developed that relationship with that interested possible client more? If only we had made time to go to that networking event where lots of other local small enterprises picked up new business.

But ‘What Ifs’ and ‘If Onlys’ stop businesses, and their owners (yes, you!) from growing.

The times we do spot opportunities approaching so we can fully embrace them before they slip through our fingers are times to celebrate.

Being happy about being vigilant and having the vision to note opportunities before they pass is a thing our client and blogger, Natasha knows all about. She noted in one of her blogs how she loves how her CRM system that we helped her set up flags up and notes new business she has secured and identifies fresh opportunities.

She’s a huge fan of how the CRM clearly shows what ‘stage’ in the ‘sales funnel’ the new business is at, helping her identify what she needs to do in order to help that new business potential or lead progress to the next stage of the sales pipeline or funnel. So ultimately what drips out at the narrow bit at the bottom of the funnel are valuable, loyal (and paying!) customers.


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Handy: CRM’s integrated funnel system helps filter away ‘What-Ifs’, making opportunities for business growth easier to spot.


Me? I love the way the simple but effective system allows you to spot an opportunity, nurture it through the pipeline process, nudge it through the funnel and celebrate as it transforms into a thriving customer signed up to your business’ services.

I also reckon the fact that a CRM is organised is a huge bonus. It allows you to take a step back and observe more potential clients you otherwise would have missed.

Instead of a new contact you met at an event getting buried in the contacts section, they can be categorized and logged as a sales lead and begin their journey down the sales funnel, helping increase your conversion rate!

There are lots of websites out there that help you understand the really nitty gritty business aspects of optimising and using your funnel for business growth or how your funnel can reveal weaknesses in your sales tactics.

Naturally, you’ll always miss the odd chance and lucky moment. Following up that prospective client who was bursting with potential might slip your mind. Don’t worry, you’re only human!

But with an innovative CRM system to back you up, and to prepare you, the more likely you are to catch all your golden business opportunities- new clients and collaborations for growth- in your funnel and not let them slip through the ‘What If’ holes in the net.

What will be your next opportunity for business success be? Keep your eyes open, CRM poised and let us know! 

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